In order to teach May Song in Suzuki volume 1, I believe that students need a number of prerequisites:

  1. Knowledge of all fingers on A and E string.
  2. Ability to learn songs by rote.
  3. Ability to use good tone.
  4. Ability to use steps and skips.
  5. Ability to play an arpeggio.

Steps to teaching:

  1. Teach Scale and Arpeggio.
    1. Play Scale.
    2. Play A, C#, E and High A in ascending order. (First with MSS rhythm, then without)
    3. Play High A, E, C# and A in descending order. (First with MSS rhythm, then without)
    4. Play Scale and Arpeggio together. Name the Arpeggio so a sudent knows what it is.
  2. Play a twinkle with the May Song rhythm (dotted quarter, eight, quarter, quarter)
  3. Play the Arpeggio with the rhythm.
  4. Play skips on E string. F#, High A, F#, E or 1, 3, 1, E
  5. Set a tunnel on the A string with 1, 2 and 3. Play D, E, C# A
  6. Make a C# tunnel over the E string. Play C#, E, C#
  7. Put First part together. Arpeggio, E String Skips, D, E, C#, A, then B, A
  8. Play Middle part of Twinkle. Play Middle part of May Song and have students compare.
  9. Play EE, DD, C# E C#, B.
  10. Play first part again.