newsletter update
April 1, 2011

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  • Kirsten Yon Masterclass
  • Recital Dates
  • Group Class Dates
  • Fall Registration
Important Dates
April 2 – Group Class @ Gazebo 11am
April 16 – Group Class @ Gazebo 11am
April 29 – Kirsten Yon Masterclass
April 30 – Individual Recital
May 7 – Rehearse for Group Recital
May 14 – Group Recital
Registration for Fall 2011

Due to my large studio, I will be pre-registering for the fall. If you do not wish to continue lessons, please let me know immediately.

Registration forms will be available in early April. Times for lessons will be scheduled based upon registration forms.

Upcoming Events for May

Group recital will be May 14 at 2 p.m. at the Evangelical Free Church. Members of the Fredericksburg Community Orchestra will join us to perform Themes from Moldau.

At the end of the recital, graduation certificates and awards will be given for completion of Twinkle and Book levels.

Rehearsal for this event will be May 7. (Location TBA)

Summer Strings

We are still enrolling for the Summer String Program. June 8, 9, 10 & 11. Location may need be changing, but I will keep you posted. All students are welcome! Jessica Embach has agreed to come, as well as Mark Nugent, a local cello teacher! Some scholarships will be available. Please inquire when submitting enrollment forms.

RSVP to Recital on April 30

Please check the spelling of your child’s name and RSVP to the Individual Recital.

Kirsten Yon Masterclass
April 29

Texas Tech Professor of Violin, Kirsten Yon will be in Fredericksburg on April 29 to help students prepare solos for their individual recital and to give a concert.

A concert by Dr. Yon is scheduled at 7 p.m. All students should attend! She is a wonderful teacher and it is a rare treat to have a guest like Kirsten Yon in Fredericksburg.

Masterclass is at 4:30 p.m. at the Fredericksburg United Methodist Church. All serious students should attend. All students are welcome to participate in the group portion of the class working in which Dr. Yon will clinic the students on “Themes from Moldau.”


Individual Recital
April 30

Individual Recital will be April 30 at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church. All students will perform the solo work they will be working on.

This is a required event. There will be 2 sessions: 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.

Students may wear dressy clothing of your choice. No jeans, athletic shoes or t-shirts.

(Reception will follow each group. Last names beginning with A-L will bring bottled water or cookies. No messy treats, please! I need a volunteer for each hour to set up cookie table.)

2 p.m.

Jonathan Burkett — Twinkle Theme
Roise Spangler — Lightly Row
Gracie Cobis — French Folk Song
Violet Schofield — Song of the Wind
Hannah Stapleton — Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Kathy Karr — O Come Little Children
Rielly Spangler — Allegro
Meredith Harper — Allegro
Ella Junker — May Song
Eliza Vita — Perpetual Motion
Jake Wise — Allegretto
Rebecca Sechrist — Minuet 2
Joel Harper — Musette
Maeve Junker — Bouree
Amber Royea — Hunter’s Chorus
Henry Alvarez — Two Grenadiers
Juan Cobian — Twinkle Variation I
Jose Cobian — Twinkle Variation I
Katherine Peet — Twinkle Theme
Addison Burleson — O Come Little Children
Rebekah Triebs — May Song
Sydney Adams — Minuet 2
Kristian Dale — Minuet 1
Willow Houseal — Minuet 2
Katie Habecker — Minuet 3
Luke Littman — Gossec Gavotte

3 p.m.

Sarah Stafford — Twinkle Variation I
Ellie Mauer — Twinkle Variation I
John Fritzsch — Twinkle Variation I
Erin Fritzsch — Twinkle Theme
Sydney Sultemeier — Lightly Row
Dylan Sione — Song of the Wind
Jenna Rickerhauser — Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Ashley Dressen — Twinkle Theme
Brook Enloe — Song of the Wind
William Fritzsch — O Come Little Children Amy Mack — Twinkle Theme
Asher Seracen — Lightly Row
James Mack — Allegretto
Michael O’Brien—Minuet 1
Grace Mack —Hunter’s Chorus
Rachel Badillo — Lully Gavotte
Lisa Cullen — Beethoven Minuet in G
Julia Johnson — Mozart Concerto In D. Adagio
Mary Beth McQueen — Reiding Concerto
Christy Ward — Meditation from Thais
Allyson Ward — Accolay Violin Concerto
Kathryn Thompson—Becker Gavotte
Garrett Thompson—Haydn Concerto in G