In the 1990s, an edition of Lucien Capet’s La Technique Superieure de l’Archet was translated by Margaret Schmidt and published. It covers every aspect of the art of bowing from the very basics of the bow hold to more advanced techniques. Capet was admired by Gingold and Galamian, both of whom studied with Capet in the 1920s in Paris.

The volume discusses:

  1. Preliminary Explanations
  2. Quality of Sound
  3. The Slur
  4. The Detache Inflections and Accents
  5. The Martele
  6. The Staccato
  7. The Light Bow Strokes

Capet had great discussions about the origin of different strokes including ones that are considered to be off the string strokes. Many of these strokes are thought (by Capet) to originate from strokes on the string. For instance, sautille begins as an on the string stroke. When it is executed in the proper part of the bow and higher speeds it becomes an off the string stroke.