Liebesleid (Love’s Sorrow) is a show piece that spotlights the bow. It has some playful and interesting bowings that must be well rehearsed. It is typically paired with Liebefreud.

The following technique must be addressed:

  • Retaking to an up bow – Can be practiced using a Dounis Op. 21, The Attack and Accent. Any etude can be used. Exercise 2b, in particular would be good to practice this.
  • Rapid retakes to the frog – These can also be used with Dounis Op. 21, The Attack and Accent. Exercise 7b, would be very beneficial for this.l
  • Second, Third, Fourth and Fifith Positions – The left hand frequently makes expressive changes back and forth between different stings. These shifts should be practiced with guide notes. Fortunately, some of these guide notes can be left in in the final product.
  • Double Dotted Rhythms – May be practiced with a Variation of Wohlfahart Foundation Studies Book 2, #34.
  • Bow Distribution – The bow distribution for this piece is very difficult and changes frequently. I don’t know of any exercises that practice this, but being able to switch back and forth in the dounis exercise mentioned above will be a great help.

Liebeslied can be found in The Fritz Kreisler Collection published by Carl Fischer.