The Wohlfahrt Foundation Studies for violin is published by Carl Fischer and is found in two volumes. Unlike the 60 Studies of Opus 45, these are arranged more progressively so they may be worked through sequentially.

Book 1 contains 60 Studies in first position from Opus 45, 52, and 74. The editor, K.H. Aiqouni, gives a foreword to the text stating that he intended to select the most “serviceable” first position studies and sequence them more logically in relation to tonality than previous editions.The editor has left out some studies he found to be less important in technical development. Aiqouni also added fingerings and bowings to allow the student to have greater understanding of what they are being asked to play in each piece. This book does not contain any studies with more than three flats or sharps.

Some teachers use this book as a supplement to Suzuki repertoire to assist in helping students read more efficiently.

Book 2 is also edited by K. H. Aiqouni. This volume is strategically divided into four sections. Section I has exercises only in third position. (This is quite challenging as it moves back and forth between open strings and third position.) Many studies will try to shift back down to first position any time they see the open strings. Section II has exercises in first and third positions where the shifting is on open strings. These are very fun to play and give good practice shifting. Section III shifts between first and third positions without using open strings for shifts. These are, of course, more difficult and involve a variety of bowings and key signatures. Section IV has three studies in first, second and third positions.

Book 2 is missing shifting to fifth position. You may need to introduce “Introducing the Positions” or similar texts to get the student moving up the fifth position.