In studying Kayser Etude Number 30 (International Music Company No. 3078) the left hand moves in octaves and the right hand does repeated string crossings with slurs.

Initially, the upper octave can be left out and the etude played in first position to isolate the melody in the players’ ear. Next, small sections should be tackled. I like to do one measure at a time, working through a variety of techniques. I practiced shifting with the first finger and keeping the hand frame on the upper string with 2, 3, and 4 sliding smoothly up and down (while only bowing the lower string). The left elbow has to come around the violin to allow the higher positions on the G string to be reached efficiently. Once this can be done, do the same while only bowing the upper note. Finally, play double stops. Octaves should be played first as double stops, but they can also be played with separate bowing if desired to double check tuning.

Slurs should only be added after the hand can move up and down in octaves on the finger board. Bowing should be isolated by itself on open strings to create smoothly crossed strings. the right hand must use finger motion to allow for all sides of the string to be crossed.

You can look to the Internet Music Library Project to find a Schirmer edition of the 36 Studies by Kayser. This etude is number 36 in the Schirmer Edition.