On January 6, 2011, I conquered one of my biggest fears as a Suzuki teacher. I had a parent training session. To my chagrin, only one parent attended, however, it taught me a lot about teaching and how to communicate. I plan on having many more of these short and informative training sessions. As a first year Suzuki teacher in a new location, I was not able to establish this kind of training from the very beginning. Out of desperation and a need to communicate, I decided to schedule small session in my own home. The sessions that followed the first were attended by more parents, and I was able to get to know parents on a level I had not been able to before. To any Suzuki teacher is is timid about parent training, have to schedule meetings and plan what you say. Is it going to hurt your studio to have parents who are better informed about Dr. Suzuki, your philosophies of education, or your methods of teaching? The answer is no. The more you work with your families, the easier time you will have as a teacher.