Today, I was asked by a person contacting me about performance at a wedding event if I knew the piece at the end of Master and Commander.

The piece has a very nice strummed pizzicato part that I prefer to do with the violin on the shoulder. There is a very nice recording on YouTube by the Carmina Quartet. The version from the movie, Master and Commander is actually performed by YoYo Ma on cello. The version from the movie is much more subdued that the Carmina Quartet version.

Here is a link to a very nice treble clef duet that can be played by two violins.This is a very approachable piece, especially if the pizzicato section is practiced with precise movement of the chords. And don’t let the ricochet chords scare you. They’re harmless once you get that arm moving!

Here is a link to the original Quintet by Bocherini available at IMSLP. You will need to have a pretty good quintet to perform this version, but it’s always nice to perform original music.