Lessons of 30 or 45 minutes are recommended for beginning and intermediate students. Hour long lessons are only recommended for advanced students. Families may sign two students up for 30 minute lessons for the 60 minute rate. The 90 minute rate is for families wishing to have two students enrolled in 45 minute lessons. (Some families may choose to sign two young students up at the 45 minute rate.)

The teacher expects students to commit to a full academic year of lessons so that they can reap the benefits of getting past the early tough stages of learning an instrument.  Students may get discouraged and want to quit, however, parents must continue to pay for lessons for the duration of the year once a contract has been signed.

The teacher reserves the right to dismiss any child from lessons due to disruptive or off task behavior.  If a child is dismissed from lessons more than twice they will be asked to leave the program for the remainder of the semester. If the family desires to re-enroll that option will be provided at the beginning of the new semester.

Rescheduling should be done only when absolutely necessary. Twenty four hour advance notice is required for any request to reschedule. Punctuality is expected of teacher and students. Lessons canceled by the student on the day of the lesson will not be rescheduled or refunded. Occasional rescheduling by the teacher may sometimes be necessary due to performances and professional development. Advance notice will be given.

______ 1. Tuition for the year may be paid September 1st. (Multiply the semester rate by 2 and subtract a $50 discount for paying the entire tuition for the year.)
______ 2. Semester payments may be made in two checks due September 1st. The second check should be dated for January 1st. (Deposits will be made by September 5 and January 5.)
______ 3. If necessary, monthly tuition checks (9 total) may be written out and dated for each month but due September 1st. (Deposits will be made by the 5th of each month.)

The payment options are intended to maximize my teaching time in the lessons so I never have to take care of bookkeeping during your child’s lesson. My priority in the time I have with them should be teaching them how to play their instrument, not accounting. Your understanding is appreciated.