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PostHeaderIcon Free Sheet Music for Beginning String Players

This is a list of files written in Finale that may help you. These are my own editions. You may alter them as you like. They are based upon my favorite teaching method, but sometimes transposed to the keys that all string students can use.


Here is a link to download the Finale Viewer: http://www.finalemusic.com/reader/default.aspx

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PostHeaderIcon Downloads

Student Resources:

Large Staff Paper (Treble Clef, Alto Clef, and Bass Clef)



PostHeaderIcon Twinklers

So why is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star so important?

When learned correctly, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star sets the student up for success through the rest of their playing years. The student needs to have mastery of each "Pre-Twinkle" step in order to play Twinkle correctly.

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PostHeaderIcon Videos to Help You Practice

To help you practice, I created some resources and uploaded them to YouTube. I think they will be very helpful to your at-home practice:


Another useful site is the Mastery for Strings website created (in part)  by Dr. Laurie Scott of the University of Texas:



PostHeaderIcon Pre Twinkle Activities

Listen to your Suzuki CD 

Print out the Twinkle Listneing Chart and cross out a star each time you listen to the entire Twinkle Variations. The more you listen, the sooner you'll be able to memorize the piece. The CD has a lot of beautiful music that your child will be playing soon.


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